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Profile of an Alcoholic

Some indications you may be drinking too much, are you:

Argumentative? Fighting with family, friends or others while drinking?

Missing work because you are hung-over or feeling sick from too much drinking?

Getting lower grades in school or bad performance reviews at work because of drinking?

Drinking enough to impair your driving, but driving anyway?

Hearing from friends and family that you become a different person when you drink?

Angry, sad, withdrawn or have other personality changes?

Hearing from friends and family that you are drinking too much?

Thinking you should drink less, but are unable to do so?

Craving alcohol, you can't get alcohol off your mind and you spend a lot of time thinking about when you'll be able to get your next drink?

Developing a higher and higher tolerance for alchol, so that you have to drink more and more to get an effect?

Unable to stop drinking, once you start, you drink more than you planned?

Telling your family, friends or doctor that you're drinking less than you really are?

Getting into accidents or injuring yourself when you are drinking?

Having physical problems from drinking, like stomach pain or high blood pressure, but are unable to stop?

Drinking even though a doctor has told you that you should stop?

Not rembmering what happened the before, when you were drinking?

Getting the shakes from drinking?