The Scripps Research Institute Alcohol Research Center

The Scripps Research Institute ARC


Our Mission

For over 35 Years The Scripps Research Institute Alcohol Research Center (TSRI-ARC) has been devoted to the study of the effects of alcohol on the brain and how these effects lead to alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Alcoholism can be defined as a behavioral disorder characterized by an obsession with obtaining and using alcohol and disregarding other important activities that do not involve alcohol use. Other serious problems that can occur in alcoholism are an inability to control alcohol use, medical and psychological problems caused by alcohol use, craving alcohol, and difficulty staying sober once a person has stopped drinking.

Barbara Mason

Center Director

Information Dissemination Co-Investigator
Clinical Component Project Lead

Marisa Roberto

Scientific Director

Neurophysiology Component Project Lead

Olivier George

Animal/Biochemistry Project Lead
Neurocircuitry Component Project Lead

Amanda Roberts

Information Dissemination Core Lead
Animal/Biochemistry Co-Investigator

Candice Contet

Molecular Component Project Lead

Remi Martin-Fardon

Neurochemistry Component Project Lead

Eric Zorilla

Neurocircuitry Component Co-Investigator